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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cardinals by Third Grade

Well, it just keeps right on snowing around here so I guess I'll post my latest lesson with the 3rd grade. They drew bright beautiful cardinals in the snow. First they sketched out the bird on a branch with a land line flowing through the background. Then they colored the cardinal and branch with oil pastels. This is what they looked like at that point...

I always love seeing how each one comes out a little different. Even when we do a lesson with a lot of teacher direction during the drawing phase, the drawings always end up with a bit of personal flare by each artist. I think that is exactly what art is! It's personal and unique even when two artists draw the exact same object.

During the next art class, the students carefully painted in a bright blue sky using blue tempra paint. They worked so slowly and carefully around the edges of the different objects in their pictures. We left the bottom of the page white for the snowy ground. Finally, I mounted them on red paper. They are beautiful. I can't wait to hang them up! Here is a sneak peek at some finished ones...

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