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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hold your Horses and Unicorns! by 4th Grade

I love these horses and the fourth graders seemed to have fun creating them. As we were drawing them, a few students asked if they could turn their horses into unicorns. As an art teacher, I try to encourage them when inspiration strikes so unicorns it was!!! Giving them the green light for unicorns opened up the door for some cool color combinations! We drew these horses/unicorns by combining two large oval shapes on 12"x18" black paper. After sketching in the facial details they traced over their outlines with a light oil pastel. Next I demonstrated how to layer oil pastel colors to get that creamy oily look and toavoid that chunky crayon look. They filled in all the areas of their animals with base colors and then colored over them with their final color choice for each section. They all look pretty cool and as always, I love the varying personalities that filters through each expression of the faces.

great eyes

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love this one

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