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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Floating Spheres by 7th Grade

The seventh grade has been working on creating areas of shadow in their artwork. This week we finished up a lesson using overlapping and shading to creating a 3-D floating effect. They used compasses to create perfect circles on their papers. Then they filled them in with primary or secondary colored pencils attempting to create the desired shadow on each sphere to make it appear to be floating.
Here are some of their attempts...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Personality Hands by Fifth Grade

The fifth grade has been working on this project for the past few weeks. The goal is to have a grouping of hand designs that represents their likes, interests, and personalities. We discussed their favorite sports, hobbies, colors, foods, nationalities, and more. Then they had to find ways to incorporate them into their hand designs.
First they traced their hands and sketched designs in the interior spaces. Next they traced over all the lines with black crayon to create borders for their paint. After that they used watercolors to paint the details inside the hands. Finally, they chose one or more colors to paint the background of their artwork.

Here are a few samples from students who have finished...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Portraits Inspired by Modigliani by 8th grade

These portraits are based on the artwork of Modigliani, an Italian figurative artist famous for his elongated style and the mask-like facial features of his subjects. I found this lesson on a blog called Deep Space Sparkle. Thanks!! We studied a bit about him and then the 8th grade took on the task of creating their likenesses in his style. They sketched it out, then used a layer oil pastel technique to color it in...

The final results are very cool...check out the likeness!!

Here are some other finished works...

They are so shy...