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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Winter Art for the Kindergarten!

I love our kindergarten students and they LOVE to draw! They love to draw little pictures with little details. Every now and then, I encourage them to THINK BIG! So this winter we drew tall snowy winter trees and big snowmen that touched the tops and bottoms of 12"x18" vertically held drawing papers. They were fun to draw and to look at when they were displayed!

The trees are on blue construction paper and were made with brown crayons. The snow was drawn with white chalk. I talked to them about using lines shaped like the letter "Y" to make the tree trunk and limbs.  We looked out the window at the trees and observed how the tree trunk was thick and the branches became more and more narrow as they got further away from the trunk. Some of the students were able to work this concept into their art work. 

I love all the bright colors! 

The snowmen were fun, too. I love all the different hats and scarves! If you look closely, there are some very cool snowflakes in some of the backgrounds. Also, I LOVE the one that turned out like "Jo Jo the Circus Clown" (did any of your kids watch that show? Not sure it's on anymore.) It may look more like a clown than a snowman, but it's just so cute and unique!

On a smaller side, we did these cool Christmas trees before vacation and they came out beautiful! Just thought you'd like to see them! 
These were done on 9"x12" black paper

We made them with chalk and oil pastels! Definitely a keeper for next year!


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