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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whooo Whooo Whooo does Cool Artwork?

Grade 4 does cool artwork!! We had a fun time creating our "Owls at Night". I tried a new painting/printing technique for this project. Each student got a wedge of cardboard with two straight edges and one rounded edge, which they dipped into white paint and pressed or rolled onto blue 12"x18" paper. They focused on creating thick tree trunks and thinner branches while remembering to leave spaces to fit in their owls. The owls were made from their thumb prints which they added details to with Sharpies and art sticks. I think they are adorable!! What do you think?

The moons were created using yellow art sticks and the snow was brushed onto the bottom and printed onto the sky using Q-tips.

Back before Christmas break they also painted these beautiful holiday bouquets using only a few colors of paint (red, green, white, and yellow) and mixing them to create new colors. They each designed they own vase and then painted in the flowers. I love all the different types of flowers they used in their bouquets. Gorgeous!!

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