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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bird Houses by Grade Seven

My seventh grade class gets the honor of my first spring art lesson post of the year. (Although I have at least one more winter one coming!) They made these cool birds house paintings. We added a little 3-D effect using folded paper to create the roofs. (I looked it up to be sure...it's not "rooves", but that is also acceptable). Anyway, the students also used wooden craft sticks to create the sides of their bird houses. After they looked through books of different types of birds and sketched one inside their house, they painted the details with watercolor paint. We discussed how by controlling the amount of water on their brush and in the paint wells they were able to control the thickness of the paint on their papers. They used a wet on dry technique for this project. Here they are...

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  1. These are totally adorable. I love the 3-D roof- so original!