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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dot Art by Grade 2

One of my fabulous colleagues here gave me many many many bags of "cotton-tipped applicators", which are 6" thin wooden sticks with a tight cotton swab on the end. PERFECT for dot painting.

I did not give too much instruction for these, just a bit of background info on Australian Aboriginal dot art with a few pictures from Google Images as visual aides. Then they each got a handful of swabs and went to work. It was their last class of the year and they only had 45 minutes (less after instruction), so they were free to work without any real guidance from me. Most did not finish, but I posted some that were done (or nearly done...)

I think they did a lovely job! Check some out...
Love this one! She worked so hard!!

This is a volcano! Nice!

This was my sample work!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cut Paper Neighborhood by Sixth Grade

This is another cut paper art activity. This time the 6th grade students used colored construction paper to create a streetscape. I love some of the tiny tiny details some of them included on their pieces. Keep an eye out for birds nests and picnic food and more...

Great work, grade six!!

Matisse-Inspired Dancers by Fifth Grade

These were created using only cut paper. The students chose 2-3 colors to create a background and then created a dancer's body from black construction paper. Finally they embellished their work with clothing, hair, facial features, etc...using more pieces of cut paper. They worked very hard on these and I think they came out great!

Bright Beautiful Birds by First Grade

I love these bird pictures created by my first grade artists. They colored the birds with crayons and used water color paints for the skies. I like all the different colored skies they painted, each so unique. We used good quality 12"x18" white paper and it held the paint well. Some of them decided to draw worms hanging from the beaks of their birds. They are such colorful pictures! So pleasant to look at. Great work first grade!