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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Farewell to 8th Grade...

I have had so much fun teaching art to this year's 8th grade class and my Wednesday and Thursday next week will be a bit sad and lonely without them!!! Tomorrow is my last art class with them. It will be the last time we are all together and I get to hear, "WE HAHT AHT"(We heart art) every few minutes. I hope we have time to paint the phrase they coined on the wall. It is a phrase that I will ALWAYS remember and no matter what class repeats it, it will always belong to this year's class! I hope that this class gets to use lots of shahpies and mahkers in their bright successful futures. As an added bonus, I was also their 1st grade teacher many years ago. I consider myself lucky to have been able to teach them again at the end of their SJS journey. They are a special, thoughtful, creative, smart, and fun group of students. And I am going to miss them. I hope they come back and visit often.
As our last project of the year they created old western wanted posters. They did a great job and I loved seeing them hanging up at class night tonight. Here is a peek at a bunch of them...

I will miss you guys!!! Good luck to you all in high school. I know I will hear great things!!!!

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