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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Beautiful Snowmen

This lesson was actually one I did with last year's 3rd grade class and they really got into it. I found it on one of the great blog's I follow. I can't remember which one at the moment, but I will give credit as soon as I find it! In the meantime, thanks to that great teacher for sharing! It actually took two class periods due to the need of some drying time. The first step was to cover a 12x18 sheet of white drawing paper with torn tissue paper. Liquid starch works as well as glue and is easier to work with and way less messy. Plus, pretty easy clean up. The next week, the students painted on their snowmen with tempra paint.

They added all sorts of fun details to their snowmen. I loved it!! Hats, scarves, buttons, mittens, brooms, etc...
Finally, they looked so cute displayed in the hallway. The kids love to see their work displayed all around the school. I love watching a group of them gather around a newly displayed group of art work. I smile as I hear them, "Look, there's mine!" "Where's mine?, Oh I see it!" "I like that one!".
Here, take a look through their eyes...

 Since the snow seems to be never ending lately, I thought this was an appropriate post! I hope to be posting plenty of spring entries SOON!!


  1. I love the blog and look forward to seeing all the great things that come from your classroom! I think this can be a wonderful connection between you, the students and parents.

    Thanks for giving this a go!

    Karen C

  2. Always fun to see the various modes of expressions from kids. Nice job capturing the joy of snow from the perspective of those that appreciate it the most!