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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Circle Designs and Penguins by Second Grade

O.K., how cool are these circle designs?!?!?! I was amazed at what a great job the second graders did on these. They each traced a 9" circle on paper and divided it into 8 equal parts. Then they worked hard to create their own original designs in each section. Next they attempted to repeat the design they made in each of the other seven sections. I love their intricate designs and the vivid colors they used to brighten their work up! They now hang in the hall just above their coat hooks. Some of you parents may have seen them at the open house on Friday. They should feel so proud of them.

Bonus peek, here are some penguins the second graders drew a few weeks ago. I love how each one has its very own personality! I feel like I should have had them name them. I bet they would have come up with the best names!!

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