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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My First Attempt at Blogging...

I have followed many great art blogs for the past three years, and I'm starting to feel guilty. I feel guilty because I have found so many fabulous ideas, but I have not shared any or been able to thank or give credit to others for all the lessons I've done with my students. I have NO idea how to blog and I am learning as I go. Hopefully my entries will get better over time. I'm still learning to add pictures and details to my blog, so bear with me. Above is a sample of the very first art project I did with my 8th graders three years ago. I love how they turned out. We did fall pictured inspired by "Starry Night".

We have done many, many more fun and creative art lessons since. Through this blog I will do my best to share what we love to do in our art classes. I hope someone enjoys this blog as much as I have enjoyed the blogs of so many other wonderful teachers, sharing their love of art and beauty with their students.

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