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Friday, September 27, 2013

Big Beautiful Sunflowers!! by Fourth Grade

I love these big sunflower heads, especially the unique designs inside the centers. I also like how each flower looks different, love all the petal shapes.

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  1. How can I get in touch with you in regards to your masterpiece students and a very prime option I'd honestly love to give to you all, for free-only payment is the more ideas from what students want posted I can sink thoughts into!! I was never ever artistic until 2010... I was 33. I became that way by chance. My 3rd awake brain surgery took out most of my left dominant side-keeping most needed like most sight and language, memories ... But my right side took over-the artsy side. I craved it!! Began with necklaces, plaques, pottery, then this year canvas painting! I would love to sell theirs for their profit whether for collage or parents choice-would be awesome for their names-today! My website is just going up-would love to talk to see if you'd like me to do that!! Just tickled me seeing all you do!!! Call any time-in MN-central time... 489-717-0609 (just moved here from AZ!!)
    Heather Siebens