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Monday, November 14, 2011

"Pumpkin Art" by Kindergarten

The kindergarten completed two fun pumpkin art projects last month. One was art work for the poem, "Five Little Pumpkins". The other was a large painted jack-o-lantern. Both projects were a lot of fun!

For the first, we all read and recited the popular pumpkin poem, "Five Little Pumpkins". Then, they drew a fence onto 12"x18" black paper using a white crayon and then cut out and glued 5 orange pumpkins on their fences. They drew the cutest faces on their pumpkins using sharpie markers. Finally, they added details and design to their art using metallic paints. They look great!

For the second project, they created large jack-o-lanterns. First, they drew the outline of their pumpkin. Then they painted it in using a variety of orange paints (regular, flourescent, gold, etc...) all mixed together. The pictures do not actually do them justice. They had a cool shimmery look to them. Then, they added faces to them using cut paper. I love the mouths! So cute! Again, they had a lot of fun...



  1. These pumpkins are so cute.
    I can see the happiness in the faces of your students.

  2. Muy original!
    El resultado final me trajo a la memoria Sebastien Schuller y Tim Burton...

    Un saludo,