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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Swirling Leaves by fifth grade

The fifth grade has spent the past couple of classes creating fall leaf pictures. First they traced leaf shapes onto 12"x18" light blue, then mixed different tempra colors to paint the base layer on each leaf. Some students created new unique colors by mixing paints, while other double dipped their brushes to get a two-tone swipe of paint. This step gave them a lot of freedom to test out and practice different techniques.
The next week they used oil pastels and metallic paint to add details to their leaves. I love the way they look when I hang them all together on a wall. It's like a wall of swirling fall leaves!

Check some of them out...


  1. Beautiful leaf compositions.
    The colors and patterns are bold and beautiful.

  2. Really beautiful. I love the ones where the kids splatter painted a bit.