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Monday, September 26, 2011

Colorful Sunflowers and Fall Leaves by Kindergarten

The kindergarten drew great big sunflowers and leaves the past two weeks. They traced the leaf shape (I like to help the little ones build their tracing skills) and they drew their own sunflowers. I drew one first and then let them draw theirs, encouraging them to draw BIG. Young artists tend to draw smaller and smaller as the go. I do a lot of lessons with them that help them to draw big with interesting detail. I encouraged them to touch as many sides of their 12" x 18" as they could while creating their sunflowers.

When they were all done, I gave them all watercolor paints and let them create a background for each. I love how they all created unique backgrounds. I think the backgrounds reflected their little (or big) personalities.

Check some of them out...