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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Fabulous Third Grade

So this is why I love the internet! My students benefit so much from all the wonderful ideas other teachers post on their blogs. So the first project you will see on here is a lesson I found on the blog, The Clever Feather, who found the idea from another blog called, One Crayola Short. (Isn't that great!) We talked about the abstract expressionist artist, Wolf Kahn, and viewed some of his work on my laptop. I wish I had a way to show the kids examples of artists' work on a larger scale, but for now my laptop will have to do!
Next, the third graders created a forest of winter leafless trees on their papers using yellow oil pastels. They were asked to draw their trees as if they were growing off the top of their paper. Then we discussed how the oil pastel would resist watercolor paints when they painted in the background. I asked them to try and use different colors to differentiate between the ground and the sky. They really came out great. They are stunning hanging in the hallway outside the third grade room. Here is a peek at a few of them...

They also created some cool snowmen using an idea I adapted from a lesson I found on the blog Deep Space Sparkle. They designed their snowmen using oil pastels on 12"x18" turquoise paper, cut them out, and glued them to black paper. They had used a textured rollers to paint white squares over their entire paper to represent snow before glueing the snowmen onto it. . This was a fun project. They had a lot of fun!


  1. What kind of paper did you use for the tree activity? They look fabulous!

    1. Water color paper. I did it again this year with 70# white drawing paper and it still came out great.


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